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Pear harvest

Pear harvesting depends mostly on the right selection of the beginning of the fruit harvest. If they stay on the tree for too long, the meat becomes brown and tasteless.

It is best to pick them when the color of the skin starts to change from dark green to light green to yellowish, and the colored varieties start to get a nice red on the sunny side. Winter varieties are harvested as late as possible, but must not be affected by frost. Harvesting should be done several times as individual fruits ripen. Harvesting is done manually.

Pear harvesting, as one of the last agrotechnical measures carried out in the orchard, does not represent the end of pear cultivation.

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Catalog of pear growing products

A number of products and aids are used in pear production, such as:

– pruning tools,

– measuring instruments,

– harvesting equipment,

– sprayer for herbicide application,

– instruments for soil analysis,

– instruments for determining the degree of ripeness of fruit, etc.

Harvesting pears is one of the important moments in pear production. It is very important that it is efficient and fast, and that the fruits are not damaged during manual harvesting. To enable this, use the KANGUR BAG, which consists of:

– the container in which the pear is placed during harvesting,

-two straps that are on the picker’s shoulders,

When using a kangaroo bag, harvesting is done quickly, i.e. no time is wasted, and the hands are free for picking and manipulating the fruits. The most important feature of the kangaroo bag is that the fruits are minimally damaged by its use, which enables their quality and longer storage.

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