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Castellari – SMALL electric pruners

The new line of electric pruners from the renowned Italian manufacturer Castellari, the Ryno models, come in three versions. They range from the smallest with a maximum blade opening of 40 mm to the largest with a blade opening of 63 mm. All versions come with two lithium-ion batteries and a display showing the battery status and the total number of cuts. The pruners have two operating modes, with the blade open to 70% and 100%.

Castellari Ryno Models Specifications:

ModelPower and VoltageWeightBlade OpeningBattery LifeNumber of BatteriesDisplayFor Branches Up To
Ryno 402 Ah, 28.8 Wh, 14.4 V0.88 kg40 mm2 – 3 hours2Yes25 mm
Ryno 502.5 Ah, 36 Wh, 14.4 V0.99 kg50 mm2 – 3 hours2Yes32 mm
Ryno 632.5 Ah, 54 Wh, 21.6 V1.25 kg63 mm3 – 4 hours2Yes37 mm

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